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Liz du Parcq

Volunteer walks guide and trustee

"I have met some lovely people, learned quite a lot about windmills, and keep discovering new things about the history of the area."

Sarah Bracken

Steward and education volunteer

"It's early days yet but I've enjoyed meeting the other volunteers and finding out about the history of the windmill. I knew the mill before it was renovated and it's nice to be involved in the regeneration - if only in a small way."

Annick Alet

Park volunteer

"As well as meeting loads of people and feeling useful to my community, I have improved myself by taking advantage of training opportunities offered  by FoWG. It gave me additional transferable skills useful both for the windmill and for myself in other capacities. I have learned a lot about the place I live and made friends who have become very close." 

Kim Winter

Volunteer guide and communications co-ordinator

"It’s made me feel more rooted in the community – I’ve met and worked with a lot of local people, and it’s great to feel that we can make a difference by working together."

Peter Skuse

Volunteer tour guide

"My favourite thing about volunteering is the great team atmosphere, and in particular the enormous grin most visitors have on their faces when entering the top floor of the mill and seeing the simplicity but might of the gearing and wheels up there!"

Image: Annick Alet

Sheila Hearsum

Volunteer miller

"I get a feeling of satisfaction that I have helped do my bit, and I enjoy the teamwork of milling."

Image: Nick Weedon

Joe Hall

Volunteer tour guide

"I learnt loads from the other volunteers who give tours and it's fab when you get into doing one. Even though you don't know everything, there are some brilliant 'ooooh' moments when people go inside or hear key titbits of the history — that's a great feeling!"

Image: David Wilcock

Chris Patton

Volunteer designer

"I love being part of a group of people who are working hard to promote an amazing industrial heritage project to the local community, to a London wide audience and making sure Brixton Windmill is around for a long time for future generations to enjoy."

Sonia Bailey

Image: David Wilcock

Sonia Bailey

Volunteer fundraiser and education facilitator

"I thoroughly enjoy working with the school workshops, watching the animated faces of the young children (usually nursery and reception) as they learn about the windmill. Being a people person, I love interaction with the variety of people who visit from all walks of life."

Image: David Wilcock

Nick Weedon

Vice Chair, volunteer guide, photographer

"I’m most proud of the difference we have made to Windmill Gardens, right from the beginning. It used to be in a state of disrepair, but we have introduced regular social activities that are attractive to the local residents regardless of background."

Image: Owen Llewellyn

Robert Adie

Volunteer tour guide

"For me, it's all about the people. Being part of a team is important and of course it's great meeting all of the different visitors who come to the windmill wanting to know its story."