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The Little Red Hen

Nursery (3+ years), Reception, Y1

The little red hen is hard working, but she cannot persuade her friends to help her make a loaf of bread. Can you help? This enjoyable and interactive workshop uses the well-known folktale The Little Red Hen as a basis to explore how bread used to be made at Brixton Windmill. Children will have the opportunity to handle wheat, flour and bread; discuss whether they think the little red hen was right not to share; and help to make some flour.


The Little Red Hen: storytelling using props and puppets
Tour of the windmill (up to the first floor)
Creative activity: flour and bread making

Level: Nursery: 3 years+, Reception, Y1

Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: £60 (Lambeth schools); £120 (non-Lambeth schools)

National Curriculum links: English and PHSE

Learning objectives

Pupils will:

  • Enhance their knowledge and understanding of how flour and bread is made and role of windmills in this process
  • Learn about cooperation, sharing and helping
  • Extend the range of vocabulary: windmill, wheat, grain, flour, threshing, miller, baker and farmer
  • Develop speaking and listening skills

‘“Who will help me make the bread?”
cried the Little Red Hen.
“Not I,” said the lazy dog.
“Not I,” said the sleepy cat.
“Not I,” said the noisy duck.’