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Posted by Penny Steele, Thursday 12th June, 2014

Windmill Festival and Parade can you help distribute flyers?

Flyer for Windmill Festival and Parade, 22 June 2014

Flyer for Windmill Festival and Parade

Image: Artwork by Rosie Luck and Penny Steele

The Windmill Festival and Parade takes place on Sunday 22 June. The theme of this year’s parade is ‘Poppies & Prams’, so do wear something red. Also, come with any sort of wheeled contraption, preferably decorated, that you can push up Brixton Hill. It doesn’t have to be a pram; it could be a trolley, a bike or a wheelbarrow, or even a sofa on castors! If you’d like to help decorate the Friends’ wheeled entry, email

There are more details about the parade and festival in the What’s on section.

We’ve had posters and flyers printed which we’d like to distribute to local homes and businesses. If you can help with distribution – leafleting a street or two it would be a great help – please email

You can use the template on the flyer to make poppies from old paper newspaper or magazines to decorate your pram, etc!