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Posted by Kim Winter, Friday 15th February, 2019

Free training in property and heritage management

architect sketch of education centre interior

Do you have experience of running community centres or other property? Or would you like to learn more about it? 

With our new education centre under construction, the Friends of Windmill Gardens are planning how it will be kitted out, run and maintained after completion. We are looking for more volunteers to help us with this.

To provide extra support, we are organising two days of training by the Ethical Property Foundation in March, on a Saturday and a Sunday (two separate weeks).

The objectives of the training will be to:

  • empower local volunteers with skills and competences in property management

  • understand the experience of others in asset management

  • highlight the issues of compliance, health and safety and risk management

  • define and understand the key roles and responsibilities required

  • establish a clear management programme in preparation for occupation in 2019.

If you are interested in helping to run the new education centre and attending the training, please email