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Posted by Lisa Rigg, Friday 2nd December, 2011

Holy Trinity visits the windmill

Lisa Rigg, Development and Education Officer, reports on the first school group to visit the windmill.

Around sixty reception-aged children from Holy Trinity CofE Primary School visited the windmill on Thursday 1 December 2011. It was a windless day so we began the session by learning the nursery rhyme ‘Blow wind, blow; Go mill, go’. Once repeated a few times we then joined hands, creating a circle around the windmill, and recited it together. The group were then shown the wheat growing by the windmill and were also given a handful of milling wheat to look at and touch. The session ended with the children drawing the outside of the windmill. The group seemed to really enjoy themselves and asked lots of questions including: ‘Do you live in the windmill?’ The teachers also gave positive feedback about the visit and are keen to take part in future sessions, including a visit to look inside. Recently I also met with a Year 3 teacher from Glenbrook Primary School. She wants to feature the windmill in a local area walk as part of her Geography teaching. I supplied her with a set of historic Ordnance Survey maps featuring the school and windmill. She will use these to show her pupils how the area has changed.