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Posted by Kim Winter, Thursday 25th February, 2016

Springcleaning the millstones

Shaun vacuuming millstones

Image: Kim Winter

Millwrights Paul and Nick from Owlsworth IJP visited Brixton Windmill today for their monthly maintenance check. While they were there, they supervised a group of Friends lifting the stones of the modular mill on the first floor so that they could be cleaned in readiness for milling flour ready for when the windmill opens at Easter.

First they had to unscrew and remove the metal vat surrounding the stones. Then they used crowbars to left the runner stone slightly so that the thin end of a wedge could be inserted between the stones. This was repeated several times so that eventually sets of small wooden steps known as manyheights supported the runner stone, leaving a gap of around 9 inches. 

This allowed space for the Friends to vacuum between and around the stones. We're pleased to report that there was no sign of damp or mould - just dry flour and grain. 

So the modular mill is now ready to start grinding flour for this season of open days - thanks to all who helped!