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Posted by Kim Winter, Tuesday 19th July, 2011

Sign-ups at Lambeth Country Show

The weather wasn't kind

The weather wasn't kind... (photo by Nick Weedon)

Despite the constant downpours of rain over the weekend at Lambeth Country Show, we recruited dozens of new members as well as receiving donations and selling plants and merchandise. Our irrestible egg game also raised funds towards the Windmill Festival in September.

We signed up 10 volunteers for the guide training day on 6 August, and quite a few of the new members also expressed interest in being trained as either a guide or a steward.

Thanks to Nick for organising the rota and to everyone who came along and campaigned for the Friends of Windmill Gardens in such adverse conditions.

Don’t forget that we have another benefit evening at the Windmill pub tonight to raise funds for the Windmill Festival!