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Posted by Kim Winter, Wednesday 15th February, 2012

Lambeth Prospects at Morley Gallery

Windmill on Juxon Street

Image: Copyright Lambeth Archives

An exhibition of images from Lambeth Archives at Morley Gallery features three windmills.

First, there is an 1818 aquatint of the windmill that was further up Brixton Hill (now Morrish Road) - this also features on one of our postcards.

Then there is a watercolour of the windmill that used to stand on Mill Street near Lambeth Walk. Dating from 1820, the painting is full of detail, including caged birds in the foreground.

Finally, there's a wonderful coloured engraving of the northern and eastern part of Lambeth waterfront, seen from Somerset House. It includes a windmill that once stood near the site of the modern Royal Festival Hall.

The exhibition runs until 23 February - check the Morley Gallery website for details of opening times.