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Posted by Kim Winter, Sunday 16th October, 2011

Brockwell Bake harvest lunch

Harvest lunch at Brixton Cornercopia

A couple of Friends of Windmill Gardens attended the Brockwell Bake harvest lunch at Brixton Cornercopia in Brixton Village on Sunday.

The meal started with (of course) a tasting of different breads made from various varieties and grist blends of wheat, including maderian landrace, Weald Light (Brixton Sour) and Winter Mix. These were served with Bermondsey Hard Pressed and Stawley cheese, gooseberry chutney and pickles.

Blue Cone Rivet flour also featured in the pasta parcels stuffed with wild wood pigeon, prepared at Bellantoni's in Brixton Village.

Rosendale Allotments produced many of the other local ingredients, such as the Turkish and Georgian wheat in the wheat and yoghurt soup and the Bramley apples that were baked and served with vanilla ice cream from Lab G, also in Brixton Village.

Most of the meat came from Hophurst Biodynamic Farm in West Sussex, including the oxtail in the oxtail soup and the main course of roast loin of pork. Another biodynamic farm, Perry Court in Kent, provided the seasonal vegetables.

All this was washed down with copious amounts of cider, before we managed to stagger off back up the hill!

Brixton Cornercopia is open for lunch Wednesday to Sunday and dinner Thursday to Saturday.