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Posted by , Sunday 2nd October, 2011

Up the Junction

Anthea Masey, a member of the Friends of Windmill Gardens, is also involved with the Loughborough Junction Action Group. She tells us about Up the Junction Arts Salon this Wednesday, where you can meet four local authors and see two local films, Robots of Brixton _and _7 Bridges animation.

Come and watch the robots take over your favourite places in Brixton; marvel at the animation skills of pupils at St Saviour’s School as they tell stories of life under the Cambria Road bridge.

Listen entranced to Loughborough Junction’s very own Stella Duffy and her tales of Theodora, who from humble beginnings in the City of Constantinople rises to become Empress of Rome.

According to the Daily Telegraph, in Julie Myerson’s new post-apocalyptic novel Then, we come to “navigate the grisly streets of London and the dark corners of the narrator’s mind”. Can’t wait.

Local writer Simon Lewis’s Chinese detective Inspector Jian, in his novel Bad Traffic, prowls the mean streets of England in search of his lost daughter without a word of English. England as you have never seen her and perhaps don’t want to.

Gabriel Gbadamosi’s novel _Vauxhall _has just won the Tibor Jones page-turner prize. Set in south London’s melting pot, Gabriel’s hero searches for his identity as the bulldozers plough through 1970s Lambeth.

Bookshop provided by Review, one of London's best independent bookshops, on Peckham's Bellenden Road.

Up the Junction Arts Salon is at the Whirled Cinema, Railway Arch 260, Hardness Street (off Herne Hill Road), London SE24 0HN

Wednesday 5 October 2011
Doors open 7.30pm
Entrance £3 (concessions £1)

Find us on Twitter (@UpTheJunc1) and Facebook (Up the Junction)

For more information contact Anthea Masey 020 7733 1744/07799 621 582