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Posted by Kim Winter, Saturday 3rd August, 2013

New Windmill Loaf to raise money for Flour Fund

Windmill Loaf

Image: Brockwell Bake

Two well-loved local organisations, the Old Post Office Bakery and Brockwell Bake, have joined forces to produce a completely new loaf to help raise money to get Brixton Windmill milling flour again.

This hand-made loaf is made using a long fermentation sourdough technique and contains a blend of organic and bio-dynamic wheat and rye grown locally and milled by Brockwell Bake.

The Old Post Office Bakery adds malted barley and bruised wheat grains and rolls each loaf in bran.

Brixton schoolchildren and community groups are also involved, growing their own small crops of heritage wheat to help celebrate this project.

For each Windmill Loaf sold, 40p goes towards the long-term goal of getting locally grown heritage wheat milled at Brixton Windmill and then used to produce this unique bread baked at the Old Post Office Bakery.