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Posted by Kim Winter, Saturday 1st October, 2011

Floury fun

People making picture with flour, wheat and lentils

Drawing pictures with lentils, wheat and flour seems fitting for a windmill - and visitors to Brixton Windmill this afternoon were able to join in the fun, as part of the Big Draw.

Rangoli is a traditional Indian folk art of decorative designs on floors to welcome Indian deities. In our own version of an Indian summer, textile artist Momtaz Begum-Hossain and Brixton Windmill Education and Development Officer Lisa Rigg outlined the design on a piece of cloth and showed visitors how to fill it in with coloured flour, wheat and lentils.

Children and adults alike soon became engrossed, and the final design was truly a work of art. You can see more photos in the Gallery.

Brixton Windmill was also open for guided tours, with the Friends selling fruit and vegetables grown by volunteers on the nearby allotments, in addition to the usual range of merchandise.