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Posted by natalie rand, Tuesday 12th April, 2011

Plant wheat and meet the press

Photo of a windmill

This photo of Brixton Windmill was taken around 2002 by June Stillman. If you have similar photos or memories of the windmill and would like to talk to The Guardian about them, come to Windmill Gardens park on Saturday 16 April at 10am

On Saturday 16 April two things will be happening in Windmill Gardens park.

The first is that some of the Friends will be planting heritage wheat behind the windmill and are looking for help.

The second is that a journalist from The Guardian will be at the Windmill to report on the restoration project and wants to meet Friends and local people to talk to them about the Windmill and what it means to them.

So if you would like to speak to the press and maybe take part in a group photo or help plant heritage wheat behind the beautifully restored Brixton Windmill, come to Windmill Gardens park this Saturday at 10am. Children are welcome.